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Printer drivers

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Izskatās ka viņam vispār nekad nav bijuši 64bitu draiveri.

Ar šo iebūvēto neiet?


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Atradās vēl šāds:

Instructions for Installing HP Laserjet 6l on Windows 8 or 10 Computer

1.  Before doing anything, click on "Windows Update" and  let it run (takes a few minutes). If you didn’t have the correct driver before  then that should give it to you.
2.  Control Panel - Devices and Printers
3.  Click on "Add a Printer"
4.  Click on "The printer that I want isn't listed"
5.  For "Parallel to USB" connection, choose "Add a local printer or network printer with manual settings"
6.  Pick an existing port.  I use a cable that has LPT port (Parallel plug) at one end, USB at the other end.  So my
     choice is USB001 (Virtual printer port for USB).  Change it if it says “LPT 1” if necessary.
7.  Now you see the list of manufacturers and models. 
8.  Select HP as the model, and select HP "LaserJet 6L" as the printer.  Without Windows Update, it will only show
    "HP LaserJet 6 PS Class Driver", which causes the problem.  Stick to "HP LaserJet 6L"
9.  The rest is straight forward.  Print a test page and check if it comes out right.
    If the above doesn’t work, try swapping USB ports on computer (USB 2 to USB 3 or vice-versa). The above was successful
    for me in Windows 10, 64bit.

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