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Found 2 results

  1. Labsvakars ! Kādam nav lieks Digital to analog audio converter ? Ebay, amazon neieteikt, jo vajag salīdzinoši steidzami ! Cena atkarībā no piedāvājuma līdz 20 eur
  2. A social geek who recognizes talent and wants to build the future fluid organization We know you are there. We want to find you. Affecto is welcoming you, our Talent Scout We are really looking forward to meet you, our future go-to-person when we want to recruit or partner with awesome, super talented people. Your main role is to predictively track the digital and physical talent space and keep up a welcoming and modern recruitment practice & vendor collaboration at Affecto. You are a key person for Affecto to ensure success with our clients, who we help with increasingly complex and exciting business value deliveries, advanced analytics, data and digitalization globally. Talent scouting is so much more than recruiting. We view the talent space as networks, and want to hold close any partners, solo entrepreneurs and potential recruits who have the talent our clients need to succeed. One day an employee of ours can be an entrepreneur who we work closely with, and another day a competitor can become our partner or colleague. You will keep an eye on and stay in touch with possible partners and vendors in Northern Europe. Your objective is to track talented people for our future deliveries and to establish different forms of relationships with them, both IRL and digitally. We also expect you to set up professional recruitment practices, gradually scaling up and across the organization. Expectations for this role: You have a passion for modern digital business, and can navigate among terminology such as service design, CX, UX, UI, front developers, DevOps, Docker, Ansible, self-service BI, data vault, predictive analytics, technologies like R, java, scala, clojure, python, Spark, Cassandra, MongoDB, Aerospike and other geeky stuff in the high tech domain. You have the ability to conceptualize and implement flexible and modern recruitment practices with the help of a competent coach, excellent partnerships and great tech recruitment vendors in Northern Europe. You contact talented people directly, you share information about Affecto with our networks and you conduct interviews and finalize recruitments when needed. You are a “social geek”, able to track and find the networks our talents hang out in (GitHub, Dribbble, Behance, SlashDot, Stack Overflow and The ServerSide, tech conferences and -meetups). You know your way around both physical and digital social networks and can use modern digital analytics tools. You are active and hands on, with respectful and energetic social behavior. Most importantly, you get things done, showing your mojo through actions. You share what you learn loudly and passionately. You are able to travel infrequently within (Northern) Europe. Qualifications At least 5 years’ experience from within SW/data and analytics/ICT industries. Recruitment and/or people sourcing experience. Project management skills with a proven track record. People focused and intrinsic motivation for building great, unconventional workplaces. Analytic mindset, curiosity and innovativeness. Self-driven personality who can transparently deliver measurable results. Fluency in English. Fluency in one or more Nordic languages is considered a plus. You have grown up, but not lost the fun while doing so. What’s in it for you? Flexibility, independence, responsibility and accountability. You will be pioneering in a whole new cross functional senior role in the history of business-/organizational development and people operations. You will work with Northern Europe’s top talent within the field. You will work in sync with our Stage manager/s who are the conductors of our internal work marketplace, to assure delivery power into our client cases. It is active, it is agile. You will work closely with the Business leaders and teams, and your leader and coach is our Director People Operations. We want you to grow into a guru within this new emerging field. Apply here: https://express.candarine.com/campaign/url/forward/f339ee26b86c
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